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It was time to face a sad fact of the year recently: switching out the wardrobe.  We don’t have giant closets here at the little house, so I have a couple totes that hold my off-season clothes.  I’m always real excited to pull the shorts and t-shirts out, but it’s a little harder to put them away.  After just a minute though, I start remembering how cozy sweaters and boots can be, and it starts to feel like shopping – without spending any money.  win!  While I was putting everything away I made an effort to try and make the most of the space I have.  I feel pretty happy with how it turned out, and thought I’d give you a peek.

I used to keep my shoes stacked on the floor in boxes.  It worked, but not ideally.  Early last spring I pulled out two pair of cute winter shoes and felt real disappointed that I’d totally forgotten about them.  I couldn’t take such a terrible chance again, plus I was just tired of all those boxes stacked up, so I got this shoe-cube and my life was changed.  It doesn’t take much to change my life, apparently.  Seriously though, I really like this.  You’ll notice it’s full.  The rule is, if I buy a new pair an old pair has to go.  Yikes.  I have a similar rule with hangers, I don’t buy new ones.  If I run out, it’s time to clear some clothes.  *side note, this summer my brother and sister in law were our house-guests for several weeks, and they bought more hangers as I didn’t have enough extra in their closet.  ooooh the possibilities!

2014-10-18 16.11.22

Last winter I had all of my scarves scrunched up on a rod above where I kept my shoe boxes.  It also worked, but again, not ideally.   Now that I have my nifty shoe-cube, I wanted the rest of the closet to be aesthetically pleasing too.  Here is where I need to tell you that it never crossed my mind to take “before” pictures.  When I started to post this, I actually thought, for 3.4 seconds, about tearing everything down to re-create the closet as it was.  Then I spent several more seconds considering the fact that I should get a life.

When we moved here, my closet had the one main rod, with little holder things (that’s the technical term, I checked) for another rod, but I couldn’t think of any configuration for a second that would make sense at all.  Then, I realized that I could move the little holder things to the holes in the back – and have all that space for my scarves, without them getting in the way of my hanging clothes.  I knew there were a couple extra rods left by the original owners, but none of them quite fit.  I found the one that was the closest to the right length and spent a ridiculous amount of time trying to force it in – and then I hammered on one end for a while, trying to smoosh it down a little.  Ultimately, I dug down for some patience and waited until HJ got home, and in less than a minute (after carefully measuring) he used a saw to cut it to the right size.  He’s a real show off like that sometimes.  He also wondered why the one end was all smooshed.  I didn’t actually tell him about the hammering.

2014-10-18 13.09.45

I know right?  You could care less about my wall o’ scarves.  You want to know about that chandelier.  I don’t even blame you.  A while back I learned about the current trend for back-to-school shopping, which included locker wallpaper, rugs, and chandeliers.  Seriously, back in the day we were cool to have a little magnetic dry-erase board for our friends to write notes on when they used our lockers (not that we would have ever considered breaking the rules and giving our combinations to all 23 of our closest BFFs).  We taped up pictures and cards and were happy with that.  Well listen, after I found out about fancy lighting for lockers I could not get it out of my head.  One evening I had the glorious realization that a tiny motion-detecting chandelier could look just perfect in my closet.  A few clicks of the mouse and two days later (thank you, Amazon Prime) I knew that I was right.  The base is magnetic and my closet is not metal, but someone invented heavy duty double stick tape and I am quite grateful to them.  If I were to be completely honest, I’d tell you that I don’t actually like the light it gives off that much.  That’s ok though, I generally just keep it turned off.  Every single time I open the doors and see it hanging there, all pretty and sparkly, I feel real happy.

So now the short rod above the shoe cube was empty and full of potential – as long as that potential was not going to hang down very far.  I had a whole row of baseball caps along the very top shelf of the closet where I had to jump up and grab them by my fingertips anytime I wanted to wear one.  Sometimes I wanted to wear one, but couldn’t muster the energy of jumping.  With the help of shower-curtain S-hooks my problem is solved.  I also slipped some cafe-curtain clips on to hold my collection of ski caps.  You may remember that I’m a huge fan of cozy caps in the winter time.  Or maybe I’m just a fan of not washing my hair.

2014-10-18 13.11.04   2014-10-18 13.11.14

I have a similar set up in our coat closet – I saw this idea a while back, and it’s just too good!  Since the door is hollow-core, I used Command hooks, a couple of cheap curtain rods and several sets of cafe-curtain clips.  No more digging through baskets or bins of gloves and hats.  That top row is a lot less crowded, now that I’ve moved most of my caps to the closet, but you’d be amazed by how many caps or pairs of gloves can fit along the inside of a door!

2014-10-18 15.42.30  2014-10-18 15.42.40

Next up (hopefully) is the closet in our office.  It’s supposed to be my craft area, but right now it’s just a holding place for stuff and is making me a little crazy.  Wish me luck!






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  • You do know, Lydia, that you can buy another shoe cube and stack them??? TOTALLY just for gloves and mittens, of course, not for more shoes, perish the thought!
    Love the blog, when harvest is finished, I have plans to do some closet work as well 🙂 Thanks for the inspiration!

    • you are killing me, neighbor, I’m trying to minimize!! 😉 praying for the harvest to go well. let me know if you need any help with your closet project.

  • Loved this! Hated this. Couldn’t sleep last night due to my sudden need to order a “locker chandelier” for my little closet! LOL! Ordered it this morning. You’ve got some great ideas here, girl! Inspired.

  • I so admire you for doing this. I wish so dearly that I would go, tonight!, after work! Straightaway! to the Ace Hardware & buy supplies to hang my hats & gloves, but alas, I know the truth. Since I have neither blog to motivate me nor motivation of my own, I shall continue to keep them in a bag, pull it down when I want a hat, dig through the whole blessed thing, muttering threats just like my father, til I found the hat I want. Or, worse, wear the same hat all winter. You are the better woman 🙂

    • honestly Sister, could you just spare me all of this effort and just become the StechBlogger?! you are too good. I love your words. I love your heart.

  • The hat and mitten clips….genius! totally taking mine out of the old dresser I have in the basement and doing this! Any ideas on how to train people to clip their mitties on to them…maybe another post?? and the chandelier! Oh my! gonna get me one of them beauties.

  • I miss you sister! Please write another post! You’re too good at this to go a whole month leaving me hanging! Tell me about what HJ has taught you about life in the last little bit. Tell me about autumn and how it makes you feel. Tell me about socks in jars. Whatever, I just want to read more!
    Love you!