end table

I love light in a house.  Natural light is my preference but I don’t at all like it dark – unless I’m trying to sleep of course.  In the evening though I don’t want the harsh overhead light, I prefer soft pools of it splashed around.  I wanted a lamp for the end of our large couch, but I knew that I would need a really narrow table for it to sit on.  I happened upon this fellow and I knew we were meant to be together.

2014-08-16 13.54.53

I tried just setting it on end and plopping the lamp on top, but that was way too monochromatic.

After a quick trip to my shopping mecca Menards, I found Rustoleum’s ‘hammered copper’ spray paint.  First of all, there is nothing like good quality spray paint.  Don’t waste your money on the cheap stuff (other than white, in some cases.  we’ll discuss that another time).  Rustoleum has a great spray nozzle so that your fingertip doesn’t feel like it’s being punctured by a dull shark tooth.  It also provides super coverage with just one or two coats.  With the very first swoosh of paint over my suitcase I was beside myself.  The texture of the hard plastic sides turned from meh to old leather.  Full disclosure here, I am pretty sure I spent as much on the paint as I did the suitcase.  ok fine, I spent more.  it was worth it though, and seriously I spent around $5 for the suitcase.

during 1 (1)

Things were shaping up so nicely, but it needed a little more.  Duck Tape to the rescue.  I found a narrow black roll and carefully, painstakingly made “straps”.  Honestly I was so slow and methodical, and if you look really close you could see that I still didn’t get it even.  Where it starts on one side is not exactly where it ends on the other.  That’s ok though, because every good suitcase has wider straps across the bottom.  Right?  Right.

finished (2)


$13 and a couple hours (mostly drying time) later and I have my narrow end table.  I love how the tape frays a little bit at the corners and there are some edges that are kind of banged up looking – that comes from the painstaking “strap” efforts.  Speaking of money, the case is locked and I have no way to get into it.  I like to imagine that it’s filled with treasure and someday our grandkids are going bust it open and I’ll go down in family folklore as being that crazy nana who hid all her money in an old suitcase-table.

And can we just take a quick second to check out this lamp??   I found it at a junk shop.  Who gives something like that up??  I’m real glad they did though.

finished (1)