diving in

Hey, thanks for coming by!  Weeks (months??) ago I asked my girl Annah Brown to help me build a website that I could put words on.  She goes above and beyond on absolutely everything, so of course she snapped her magical little fingers and this popped out.  It was so fancy, so lovely, like a perfect leather-bound notebook.  I was terrified.

A couple of you have sent me really great articles recently on blogging and on writing and they all say a similar thing “you need to determine your angle/focus/purpose and go from there”.

I’m terrified and I don’t exactly have a “thing” (yet).  I do have a lot of words though.  Most of them are kind of silly or at least not really insightful and life changing.  If you are looking for either of those things, there are literally thousands of blogs and books out there for that.  I’d be glad to give you a whole list of places to start!

My hope is that this blog can be an extension of my little house on a dirt road.  I want that place to be where people feel safe coming, where they know they are going to get to laugh and to eat and to put their feet up on the couch and chill.  I want that to be a place where people know they can get a hug and tell a secret that will stay right there in those walls.  I want them to not feel weak or shamed if they need to cry a little bit or swear a couple times or say something that I might not particularly agree with.  What I would really love, is to have you come over and sit out on the back porch with me and listen to the quiet of trees and the hay growing on the “back 8.5”.  We’ll watch the chickens peck the ground and holler at them when they try to hop up on the porch and hang with us.  For the days that you can’t do that, due to distance or time or the fact that we don’t actually know each other (yet) take a little turn-off onto a dirt road of the interweb and let’s visit.


2014-08-28 22.08.34

*these lovely birds aren’t actually allowed on the back porch anymore on account of them constantly doing what birds do all over said back porch.  secretly, I kind of miss these days.  not secretly, I don’t miss swabbing the poop deck every other day.


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“diving in”
  • YAY! I’ve been waiting for this day with pure excitement. I am so proud of you for stepping out and making this happen. You will bless anyone who stops by to read your words of wisdom, joy, honesty and wit all the while getting a peak into your precious heart and soul. Love you dearly my sweet friend … blog on!!

    • your support and encouragement mean more than you’ll ever imagine. thanks for “getting me”. thanks for laughing at the right places.

  • Jody the saint! I love that I know someone like you. Even if you do eat your expensive shampoo. I’m so glad that I get to know more over secret inner-weird- beautiful thoughts and heart. I might even have to start remembering about the blogespheres out there more often. I love you. I love this.

  • Love—times forty-seven! It’s going to sound hokey, but I’m soooo proud of you for sharing your heart, mind, soul, and Lydiaisms with the world! You have much to say, dear friend, and I, along with most likely a scadzillion of other people, will be listening…er…reading! Write on!

    • couldn’t have, likely wouldn’t have, done it without you. thanks for your grace and lavish generosity of wisdom and encouragement!

  • This is the first post I’ve had the chance to read. I love it. It sounds just like ten thousand other conversations I’ve had with you, IRL, if you know what I mean. I feel lucky to have known you & loved you so much longer than the rest of everyone-else-who’s-definitely-going-to-love-this-blog, but I feel so pleased for them to finally get acquainted with you.

  • This is so YOU! I love it! And I love you for being you & for being my friend! The best kind of friend, of course!