it’s truly awesome!

We have this little camper and even though my HJ has spent a lot of time and energy power washing, there were dark streaks down the sides, particularly under the windows, that we couldn’t get rid of.  I tried the old standby Magic Erasers and even though they typically live up to their name – still…streaks.  We don’t need to have the newest and best of things, but we do like what we have to look nice and cared for, so this was getting frustrating.

closer stain   stain


I found a note on YouTube for a product called “Awesome” which I’ve seen at the local Dollar General store.  For $3. I was willing to give it a try!  I poured some on full-strength and here’s what I had after the first wipe.

first wipe

I can’t even tell you how hard I did not scrub.  It was incredible, er…awesome?  I’m not sure what this stuff is made from, but I’m guessing it’s the distilled first morning pee of baby unicorns.

Ultimately I washed down the whole camper, it took me less than an hour, start to finish.  That probably has more to do with the fact that the camper is only 23 feet long, than my speediness or the fantasticness of the product.

no more stain

I did get anxious for a moment when I saw the dry suds on the color stripes – but great news!  It just needed wiped off with fresh water.  I didn’t take a picture of the sponge,  because seriously… if you don’t know what a sponge looks like, you’re not rolling around in a not-exactly-brand-new camper &/0r worrying over stains.  If you don’t know what a sponge looks like, I’d love to know what you are doing, because I’m doing it all wrong!

dry streak

This success reminded me that I have two doors in our kitchen that make me crazy.  I haven’t been able to get the areas around the knob clean.  Again, with Magic Eraser failing me.

laundry room door dirty door

The first door is metal utility-style.  The second is a funky fake-wood, or maybe it’s real wood with a funky paint?  I don’t know.  Who lives like this?

The utility door wiped off instantly, lovely!  The laundry room door still pretty much looks the same.  This serves to reinforce my argument to HJ that we need to paint all the doors and trim in our house.  And by “we” I mean “pay someone else” which is probably why it hasn’t been done.

laundry room door still clean door

Here’s the product.  I have a friend who always gives a bottle of this as a baby shower gift because she says it’s the best thing in the world for grody baby laundry.  I think I’m going to store the rest of my bottle in the laundry room too!  It is important to note that neither Awesome or Dollar General requested or compensated this endorsement.  They don’t even know I exist – which is a real disappointment considering how often I pop into the DG.  I’ll tell you straight up that the very first thing the bottle advertises as being able to clean is “blood stains” along with lesser evils such as coffee and gum.  Maybe they were trying to go in alphabetical order?  Seems a little ghetto if you ask me, but hey, I’m no marketing guru.  If you’ve got a camper with frustrating streaks, or you know… some blood stains that you need to clean up, I highly recommend this.  If you know of a great (affordable cheap) door and trim painter, send them my way!




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“it’s truly awesome!”