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the healing

Thank you for all of the love. We have so appreciated every call, text, visit, gentle hug and all of the prayers. I have literally felt them and watched them working as our bodies have healed. We are doing so

on being the 15.1%

This is a letter to my friends, you don’t have to know or love me to appreciate it, but for those of you who do…please know that I am thinking about you personally as I post this and I want …

Abby’s 10th birthday party (in which I blithely pretend that posting is something I do with great regularity, thanks for obliging me)

My niece Abigail had her tenth birthday on Monday. Abby is the oldest of my (currently) three nieces and just like the others, she fills a very special little pocket of my heart. She has a sincere concern for other …

cinnamon butter cookies

Listen, I know. It’s still January and we are still supposed to be deeply committed to our resolve for healthy eating and moderation. That’s great and all, but the thing is that I accidentally forgot to make any resolutions, and …

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